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Building Wealth For All


Building wealth for all means that no matter where you are in your life or your financial journey, I can help you obtain secure financial wealth for the future. My financial consultations cover long term planning from education to retirement, securing your families future, business planning, and wealth management. When you work with me, you get more than a product, you get an agent for life.  Contact me today for your free, personal consultation.

Tara Pfeiffer


Resident of New Orleans and former small business owner, Tara Pfeiffer is a Financial Professional dedicated to building wealth for all. She understands how financial planning can get lost in the shuffle of multiple jobs, family adjustments, seasonal employment, and well, life. Tara's message of building wealth for all is especially important to her friends and colleagues in hospitality because she believes that the harder you work, the more secure you can make your financial future.

Testimonials from My Clients


Tara is the best! She wants to help everyone she can by giving us the knowledge we need to set ourselves up financially with our futures in mind. She’s always available when i have a quick question or need help navigating the financial world. She’s super easy to talk to and it’s nice to know that she actually cares about my future as well as my husband’s. I definitely recommend meeting with her and seeing what she can do for you. 5 stars ! Take the time to think about your
future before it’s too late!


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